Group and individual tours in Israel

Group and individual tours

Israel is a centuries-old history of mankind and the homeland of three world religions. Every stone and every tree is a historical sight here. We are ready to help you know the Promised Land in comfort and with a pleasant coolness in sightseeing tours of the cities of our hot, but welcoming country.

Individual schedule and tour duration

You’ll not be tied to a fixed schedule of group excursions with us. An individual tour is a leisurely sightseeing or ignoring places you are not interested in.

We will pick you up with your family or friends right from your hotel or your home at a time specified by you. We are working without weekends and even on Saturdays.

Comfort and chill

There are comfortable minibuses and minivans in our fleet. The vehicles are equipped with air conditioners. Don't forget to drink water in the hot climate of Israel. We care for you and give a bottle of drinking water for each passenger for free.


We offer individual tours to all popular destinations: Tel Aviv and ancient Jaffa, Holy Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem and Galilee, Haifa and Ashdod, the Dead Sea and Eilat resort.