-  What do I need to book a minibus with a driver?

You need to contact us by phone or leave a request on the website using the easy online booking form to order passenger transportation. In this form you will specify your contact details, date, time and direction of your desired trip.

-  Do you have a license?

Yes, our passenger transportation services are licensed by the Ministry of Transport of Israel.

-  Are you working on Saturday?

We are working 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, even on Saturday.

- What's the night fare?

The fare for work at night and on weekends does not change.

-  How do I book a transfer if I'm not in Israel?

There is a user-friendly online booking form on our website. In addition, you can contact us via WhatsApp at the phone number in the contacts.

-  Can you pick me up directly from a sea liner at Haifa or Ashdod seaport?

No, we can't. Access to the ports is allowed only for special transport with a special passes.  We are waiting for our guests at the exit of the passenger terminal.

-  What is downtime cost?

We don't charge an extra fee for downtime if the delay was not caused by the passenger. For example, if your flight is delayed or you have been through customs procedures for too long, we will wait for you free of charge and take you from the airport without any extra costs.  In other cases, you will pay for the downtime as agreed.

-  Is there air conditioning in the minibus?

Yes, there is. All vehicles are air-conditioned and there is a bottle of drinking water for each passenger.

-  Are the cars suitable for carrying small children?

There are special child seats in minibuses and minivans. If necessary, we can also offer baskets for babies.

-  What kind of discounts do you have?

All discounts are available by agreement.

- Can I pay for passenger transportation using electronic payment systems?

Yes, we use PayPal, Visa and MasterCard payment systems.

- Can I take my guide to the tourist tour?

Yes, we carry out passenger transportation in Israel, including tourist trips, and the excursion itself can be carried out by your guide.